#HealtheVoices16 Conference

image1.JPGHappy Friday, everyone!


I can’t help but be happy and smiley today; the weather is so beautiful in Chicago today. Wait, why am I in Chicago?


This weekend is the HealtheVoices conference, which is put on by Janssen, is a place for online patient advocates to come together in person and be empowered. I am thrilled to have been chosen as one of the ePatient attendees for the conference. The conference is in its second year and is one of the only conferences that is created exclusively for online advocates ranging from a plethora of different health conditions. Watch their video, below:

044224-151203 HealtheVoices Homepage Video 12.14.15 from Tonic Life Communications on Vimeo.


Some of the sessions I’ll be attending tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday include:


It should be a great weekend, and I look forward to learning more and interacting with some of the other conference attendees (plus reuniting with some of my existing chronic illness buddies).


Follow along with the conference with the hashtag: #HealtheVoices16. If you want to follow my thoughts specifically, check out my Twitter account: @KristinMCoppens.



Chronically Kristin




FYI: Janssen is covering all of my travel expenses and summit entry to HealtheVoices; however, all opinions and thoughts expressed on my blog and my other social media are my own.

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